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Internet-connected mobile devices are changing how we view and interact with websites. 一些研究表明,54.4% of global internet traffic was via a mobile device last year, up almost 10% in 5 years.

事实上, there is a strong likelihood that you are reading this article on a mobile device.

So, it may come as little surprise that Google places huge importance on mobile performance when deciding which websites appear at the top of its search results.

在本指南, JDB电子夺宝App会告诉你什么是谷歌AMP, 为什么这对你的业务很重要, 以及它是如何工作的.

准备使您的网站更用户和搜索引擎友好? 继续读下去!



让JDB电子夺宝App从基础开始. AMP到底代表什么?


AMP is an Open Source Framework that was created in a joint initiative between Google and several other tech companies. 它通常与谷歌有关,通常被称为谷歌AMP. 的 goal of AMP is to help provide website owners with the framework they need to create better user experiences, 特别是更快的加载时间.

因为AMP是开源的,这意味着它可以被每个人访问和使用. This helps it achieve its goal by being readily available to anyone who wants to benefit from the framework.

所以,可能性是如果你想让你的网站AMP -你可以!

移动优化页面与AMP页面不同. Mobile optimized web pages are typically created with Responsive Web Design (RWD) – this means that you have a normal website page that has been created to work well on a mobile device.

另一方面, AMP页面是一个单独的网页, 有自己的URL, which is lightweight and often changes the layout and flow of the original page to work better on mobile devices.



AMP is an important aspect of web design that should be considered by all online business owners. 这主要有两个原因.

First is the fact that you simply want to create a better user experience for those who visit your website. 更好的 网站加载速度 and easier browsing reduce friction and make it more likely that your website visitors will stay on your site and convert.

事实上, some stats show that just a 1-second delay in load time can lead to a reduction in customer satisfaction of 16%. When many websites have upwards of 50% of their visitors coming to them via mobile devices, 很明显,手机的可用性和速度是如此重要.

的 second reason why AMP is so important for your online business is the fact that it’s likely to improve your search engine rankings.

尽管谷歌 否认使用AMP 对你在搜索结果中的排名有什么直接的影响吗, 它突出了它的 核心Web命脉 网站加载速度确实对排名有影响. So, as AMP makes it easy to increase the load speed of your mobile page it is very likely to positively impact your search engine success.

Google’s search engine exact algorithm is a closely guarded secret and there is no clear evidence that other aspects of AMP will impact search rankings. 然而, 因为AMP是由谷歌创建的, it is highly likely that there are other best practices included that help to optimize your website for use with search engines.



谷歌AMP的实现对你的网站来说几乎总是一个很好的想法. 然而, there are two scenarios where Google AMP implementation is especially beneficial.

的 first scenario where AMP can be a great idea is when you publish lots of “news” type articles. 这类内容通常很流行, and the speed at which AMP delivers content will make it a lot more easily digestible for your users.

的 second scenario is when you run an ecommerce store with multiple product pages. 在这种情况下, 使用AMP可以帮助您更快地交付产品页面, 大大减少了购买过程中的摩擦.





Traditional websites load the various assets and scripts that make them up one after the other, 也就是说你得等每一件都装好后,下一件才能装.

对于那些拥有高速互联网的人来说,这似乎是立竿见影的. 但对于网速慢的人来说, 比如那些在网络连接不好的手机上浏览网页的人, 可以很慢.

AMP, 另一方面, 让所有的资产和脚本一次加载, 使加载速度几乎是瞬间的. 

AMP还通过强制所有网站元素提高速度, 如图片, 以在HTML中声明它们的大小. 这允许使用静态布局, which means your browser doesn’t have to wait for layouts or elements to download.

多个样式表可以增加网站加载时间. This is why AMP only allows one on its pages, with a maximum size of 50 KB. 这足以构建相当复杂的网页, 但要足够小,以确保CSS保持干净和有序.

除此之外,AMP使用 其他几个技术 大幅增加加载时间, such as limiting the fonts that can be used on a page and restricting 图片 and Javascript.



因此,您可能想知道如何为您的企业创建一个AMP页面. 的 步骤很简单:

  1. 创建AMP页面
  2. 使用以下命令构建页面 AMP谷歌搜索指南
  3. 通过链接页面让你的新内容更容易被发现
  4. Ensure that users can experience the same website as if they were using a desktop or mobile website
  5. 使用以下命令测试页面 AMP测试工具
  6. 在规范页面和AMP页面中使用相同的结构化标记
  7. 应用内容最佳实践



AMP Javascript (JS)

AMP Javascript (JS) 是一个易于使用的快速渲染AMP-HTML库. 的 library contains all of AMP’s best practices and ensures the fast rendering of a page.


AMP HTML is the same as normal HTML, except with restrictions that ensure reliable performance. 的 use of special AMP tags in your HTML is what enables you to create an AMP version.


AMP缓存 is a content delivery network that is used for supplying AMP documents. 使用HTTP 2.0, it is possible for the AMP缓存 to drastically improve page performance when loading JavaScript files, 图片, 和文件.


It is clear that AMP can be a great option for online businesses that use multiple web pages, such as those with news feeds or ecommerce stores with multiple product pages. 的 AMP framework provides you with a simple and quick way to create web pages that are awesome on mobile – helping you delight potential customers that visit your site on mobile devices.


AMP代表加速移动页面. AMP is an Open Source Framework that has been created by Google and other tech companies to provide website owners with a way to make dedicated web pages that are super-efficient on mobile devices.
使用谷歌AMP有几个好处. 使用它可以让页面加载速度超级快, 这有助于改善用户体验并限制摩擦, 在电子商务网站上,什么是特别有益的. 的 resulting increase in speed can also help you rank better on search engine results.


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